Professional Product Photography for ecommerce

The increase of online stores in recent years is astounding and the importance of sales for their growth is a fact. The product itself is the main attraction for the user and our task is to show it as real and attractive as possible. How many losses can there be by showing images of poor quality that do not reflect our product’s main attributes? Product photography is one of the most important factors when deciding the purchase and the showcase with which to attract our customers. Without forgetting that all the information is received with the view (the human being processes the images faster than the text) and we are one click away from them closing our tab.   How does a good product photography help us? It helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, to draw more attention and to give professionalism to our business. It is fundamental in the final decision of the purchase, since we can show the product with all its characteristics, possibilities and uses. An attractive image is more likely to be shared on social media or to reach the user through an advertisement. Useful tips The photos of your product are the perfect opportunity for you to show the customer everything you can offer him. The more different images of it you can show, the more information you will be giving him/her to decide. Whether it’s packaged, front, profile, with details, in use … Our goal is the the customers feel they have no doubts left! Put them in situation: Depending on the product, we can show the customers how our product would be like in their environment. For example with clothes in models, furniture or decoration at home, objects in hands or with people (in order to see the dimensions)… Doing so, we help them to get an accurate idea of the use of the products. The product is the star. So the more clean and simple the photograph is, the more we will get the customer to focus on it. Neutral backgrounds, good lighting and image quality to make it as real as it is to have it in our hands. Professionalism: Bear in mind that photographs that do not show reality or that spoil it will have an opposite effect. It is better to invest in professionals who enhance the values ​​of your products than losing those customers that do not trust in our articles. Taking care of the images in our online business is essential to build trust, develop our brand and spread it and evidently, improve its growth!

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How to get high-quality backlinks for SEO

Why are incoming links so important to a website? All experts in web positioning (SEO) coincide: the number and, above all, the quality of the incoming links is one of the main points that search engines take into consideration to position your website ahead of your competition. And not only for the popular Google search engine: the incoming links will also determine in what position you will appear in other search engines such as Bing (the search engine of Microsoft), Yahoo !, Yandex…   What is a backlink? A backlink is an inbound link, a link from a different web page that redirects to yours. When one website links to another, it is telling us that this external content is of high interest to the visitor. It is its direct way of recommending it. A website is different from yours when your domain name does not match. And it does not matter what kind of website it is: a travel blog, a website about boats or an online cheese shop for example. What is Linkbuilding and what is it for? Linkbuilding is a planned strategy to earn inbound links from other webpages to ours. The objectives to achieve are: That the tracking robots, the spiders of the different search engines, locate the content that we post on the Internet. That our own domain, our web page to which we dedicate so much time and with so much affection, increase its level of SEO authority within its sector. The more authority, the better the keywords of our content will be positioned. Achieve greater visibility within the Internet, being locatable from other websites, doing branding, and encouraging users to browse our website without knowing us previously.   How to earn inbound links? Before launching into the hunt and capture of backlinks, we need to keep in mind a series of previous considerations, so as not to rush, make mistakes and get the opposite effect. Indeed, if you do it wrong, without prior planning and without sufficient knowledge, the links pointing to the web, instead of helping your keywords to appear above, can lower them to the bottom of the search engine. Moreover, according to the aggressiveness of your techniques, your portal might receive a very negative penalty. To be continue…

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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots have been around for a while now and you probably have not noticed at all. They are used in thousands of online stores nowadays and also in other types of pages to assist users. But, what is a chatbot? It is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation both textual or auditory. The good thing about chatbots is that they are not applications that the user has to install on their phones or PC. Another advantage is that they are available for most of the messaging services currently used: WhatsApp, Messenger (Facebook), Telegram, etc. The user accesses the web and asks questions as if it were a person. Keep in mind that no matter how smart the bots seem, they are still depending on the human being to be able to function correctly, since it is necessary to program them with the answers and conversations that we want to offer our clients. Surely you have run into a chatbot that repeated a lot and did not give you the correct answer. Most recently we have also discovered chatbots that incorporate artificial intelligence in order to give new answers -that were not programmed in advanced- to certain “stimuli” provided by the user. But as we said above, they still depend on how well programmed they are to function properly.   How do we programme a Chatbot? “It must be really complicated”, you may have tought. But far from that.  Thaks to apps like Chatfuel or ManyChat , among some other examples, we can have our chatbot ready to begin speaking with our customers and help us to assist them and sky-rocket our sales. To get started, we have to create a ‘welcome’ message with a accurate tone, or rather several of them in order to create different messages for the customers that visit our web portal more than once.  Then, the most important thing is to develop the conversation flow that the user is likely to carry out. At the beginning you will surely notice that your bot is a little “silly” -in a manner of speaking-, but this is fixed over time and by observing what users usually consult. You must add each new question or doubt that your users have and in this way, give the correct answer to what they are looking for. The secret is to automate customer support. When you have been working on it for a while, your chatbot will be able to imitate human conversations for solving various tasks so the users believe that they are speaking to a real person. Chatbots give the same or even a better service than a real human being would give. And you have already programmed a chatbot? Do you plan to do it and include it in your store? If you want you can tell us in the comments, we will be happy to help.  

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Instagram posting trends

Social Media is evolving by leaps and bounds. For this reason and to keep you up to date on trends, we are going to tell you all the secrets of Instagram Photos and Stories. Tips for Instagram Photos Instagram is the visual social network par excellence! If you have a company profile you should take care of design and the corporate identity. The first tip is to use the same format for all photos either 16: 9 (landscape) or 1: 1 (square format Instagram). You can also publish mosaics, but it is interesting that each photograph of the mosaic speaks for itself and has its own meaning, although afterwards it forms a whole with the others. On the other hand you also have to choose the titles and hashtags to be used. We recommend you to use some of the most used hagstags wordwide. You must also write some others related to your product and create new ones with your brand name and claim. Here you have a small list of the most used hashtags on Instagram:   #instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #instadaily #instalike #photography #photo #potd #mood As for the aesthetics it is better not to stack the hashtags. Write three vertical points and then the hashtags, so you do not see everything very close together. It is also more fun to use related emojis. Give your company a professional image through Instagram Stories The stories are the new fashion of communication on Instagram where you can post videos and also photographs on the subject of your company. You can also create posts in personal profiles. The format of the stories is 750 x 1334 pixels and the pictures must not appear cut off. There are different filters you can use, but bear in mind that these are fun filters that do not serve to give a professional image in a company profile. Yes, it is true that filters can be used to create a closer image with followers, but we must not abuse their use! You can add the location, profile names, hashtags and emojis in each image that is uploaded. Another interesting resource is the use of surveys. They are very useful to compare for example two products with the same design but different color. The audience tells you which product they like the most. In addition, Instagram gives you the option to archive each image or video in folders with histories that other users can see. The bad thing is that you see first the old stories and then the new ones. You can create links to the products that are sold but for that it is necessary to have 50,000 followers in your account to be able to do so. Regarding the trends in the images, it is fashionable to publish images with a white background where you can see the hashtags, username and web page that we announce below. Statistics Can I know who sees my videos? When you create a story, in the lower left you can see the visualizations that your publication has had, when you click on the number that appears, you can see which people have been able to see your video. Surveys also give you the option of, in addition to seeing the percentage, see who has given each option. Apps to use with the Instagram pictures Mosaics: Grids Photo Edition: InstaSize Video and pictures creation for Instagram Stories: Flyr These are some of the best tips with to publish professional images that give a more attractive aesthetic to your potential clients.  

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